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Forty years ago when Ed and Vicky Welch received their first goat as a gift, they never imagined they would one day own a certified grade A organic dairy.

Today, Ed, Vicky and over 70 goats live together on the slopes above the Twisp River, producing quality organic goat cheese and yogurt.

From hay and grain for the goats to herbs and spices for the cheese, nearly everything that goes into the dairy is produced right here in the Methow Valley.

Sunny Pine Farm strives to make cheese that honors the earth, the goat, and your taste buds.


Sunny Pine Farm Intentions

Sunny Pine Farm...


Serves our local community with high quality, healthy, organic products.


Approaches our relationships towards each other, the land and the natural web of life in a way that recognizes our interdependence.


Works to achieve financial viability.


Maintains a fun and loving working atmosphere.




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